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Yes, Dr Sheikh is a holistic doctor. He has studied holistic medicine in Phoenix, Arizona with a special certification from Cornell University, USA, in Plant Based Nutrition.

Dr Sheikh has further studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Wat Po Medical College, Bangkok, Thailand.

He believes in Science but also believes in Ayurveda and Energy Medicine to include REIKI distance healing for pets and humans.

His research and experience includes Gemstones and Crystal Healing, Mindfulness, Meditation, Color Therapy, Apitherapy, Astrology, REIKI, Iridology, Essential Oils, Graphology, Acupressure, Self-Hypnosis and the Laws of Attraction.

He has accomplished great healing success for pets and humans through distance REIKI.

Member Federation of Holistic Therapists, UK
Plant Based Nutritionist, Cornell University, USA
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Wat Po Medical College, Bangkok, Thailand
Certified Gemologist - Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, Bangkok, Thailand
Institute of Parapsychology - Palmistry & Astrology.
Member British Beekeepers Association, London.

International Wellness Consortium, Bucharest, Romania. November 2021.

A selection of Dr Sheikh's interviews with Pavel and Andy at the consortium.

ANDY: Dr Sheikh, what are you passionate about?

DR SHEIKH: I am particularly passionate about nutrition and food as medicine. We’ve been developing research programs, educational programs, community outreach to create what we think is the medicine of the future, which is actually the medicine of ancient Greece and Ayurveda, a traditional Indian form for medicine that has been safely healing people for more than 5000 years.

ANDY: Dr Sheikh, tell us about Ayurvedic Medicine. I know you are a Cornell trained practitioner but you have a deep focus on Ayurveda.

DR SHEIKH: After I practiced for many years, I realized I didn’t really have all the tools that I needed to help people. So I decided to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, which really resonated with me. It’s a mind, body and spirit approach to medicine. So it’s a thousand of years old health and healing system. It’s a very comprehensive healing system that incorporates many different modalities. 

PAVEL: What is the foundation of Ayurveda?
DR SHEIKH: The foundation in Ayurveda is that food is your medicine, and digesting your food is key to good health. In Ayurveda it is very important to eat properly and have good digestion. And that’s the core of your health. 

Everything else is complimentary. It's a rich medical health system based on prevention as well as identifying and eliminating the root causes of illness.


We live in a toxic world at the physical level. We are constantly exposed to toxic heavy metals, including:

  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Arsenic

It is important to detoxify our bodies of the toxic heavy metals which are responsible for many chronic diseases. The heavy metals reside deep inside our bones, liver, kidneys, blood cells and the brain. The process of removing them called Chelation.  Only natural chelation is safe.


You are not what you eat. You are what you digest. You need to have the right amount and strength of the digestive enzymes and acids in your stomach for the food to be digested properly. A healthy Gut Biome is essential for proper digestion, but quite often this is not so. The Gut Biome gets destroyed by the use of antibiotics, emotional stress, oxidation stress, inflammation, foods containing pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals.So, an essential part of Dr Sheikh's wellness plan focuses on rebuilding a healthy gut Biome which may need high potency probiotics in the early stages to be tapered off as the gut returns to its normal healthy state.


A lot of people play with fire thinking that if minerals are vitamins are good for health, more must be better. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Dr Sheikh develops a balanced nutrition plan for you based on your personal situation; you may be pregnant, or you may work in a large city thereby needing an extra layer of detoxification minerals and vitamins. The same vitamins could result in an overdose for someone living in a less polluted environment.

Consider this:

  • Excessive calcium supplement intake has been associated with a higher risk for kidney disease and aggressive prostate cancer. L012. Harvard Medical School.
  • Extra phosphorus pulls calcium out of your bones, making them weak. If Dr Sheikh suspects phosphorus may be one of the causes of bone and muscle pains and aches, he may restrict the use of certain rice, pasta and cereals - this is an example of using Food as Medicine.
  • Excess vitamin C and marginal Calcium can contribute to osteoporosis, and cause a decrease in immune response.

The bottomline is that minerals and vitamins are powerful and they can seriously harm your health if not taken in proper dosages, potency and frequency.


According to Mayo Clinic, the long-term activation of the stress response system and the overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follows can disrupt almost all your body's processes. This puts you at increased risk of many health problems, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension and pain
  • Heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain
  • Memory and concentration impairment.

We assess the damage chronic stress may be caused and guide you safely and skilfully out of the stressful situation.


Having identifying one or more possible causes of illness we are ready to put together a Personalised Wellness Plan. This plan is holistic in nature as we considered the state of Mind, Body and Spirit and their role in shaping up your current health condition.


We want our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable around us. We are compassionate and caring. 

No matter what your health condition, we can always improve it - without drugs and drug side-effects, without painful tests and surgery - just gentle foods, herbal supplements and a few lifestyle changes.

Our patients are welcome to speak with us at any time. There is no quarantine. 


We are not against the medical doctor. They are the best in medical emergencies but they are not trained to treat chronic illness. 

Their training includes symptomatic relief. 

What it means is that the modern medical practice is not designed to find and eliminate the root cause. 

This is why they say High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, etc. are are lifelong diseases, but this is not correct. 

I have personally run 1000s of free seminars on the reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, normalized high blood pressure, stopped cancer in its tracks and optimized high cholesterol, all without drugs.

Finding and eliminating the root cause is so vital. 

A lot of people are unsuccessfully trying to lose weight through calorie restrictions, going Keto or Vegan, intermittent fasting and so on, but it isn't working. Why is this? 

Well, most are also under a lot of stress and stress releases Insulin, the hormone they gave to the starving soldiers in the 2nd World War so that they could put on some weight. 

When we see that our overweight patients are under a lot of stress, we don't focus on their weight, we focus on designing a plan to help reduce their stress. 

The insulin comes down. The inflammation comes down. Their metabolism starts firing up again. Their weight goes down and stays down and they feel motivated to follow the personalised wellness plan we designed for them.

But there may be the need to visit your doctor for certain treatments or diagnostic. We will make sure that we provide you with all knowledge you need to get the most out of your healthcare professional. 

A MINI CASE STUDY: Recently, I suspected that one of my female patients may have PCOS, so I asked her to visit her GP for certain tests, which confirmed my diagnosis. The GP prescribed a drug which was less effective (and more harmful and cheaper). Because I had prepared the patient with all the knowledge she might need, she was able to influence the GP to prescribe a better medicine. When quizzed by the patient why he refrained from prescribing the newer and safer drug, he said for that he would need to obtain an authorization. We won!


Dr Farrukh M Sheikh - Your partner in health.