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Vivomel VitalForce Honey - Energy, Stamina, Vitality – Raw & Organic (370g)

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What is VitalForce Honey?
Vivomel’s VitalForce Honey is your first-aid against the mental & physical stresses of a hectic lifestyle. This unique honey is unmistakably strong, with a kick! VitalForce Honey Is beneficial for Endurance, Stamina, Vitality and Energy.

VitalForce Honey is a very unique honey from a specially cultivated organic crop of strong and potent mountainous tree blossoms. Located in the most pristine mountain localities, our mountain bees are as free and wild as they come and produce this fine powerful honey.

This honey is naturally packed with enzymes and minerals. It is raw, so nothing has been added or taken out and it is unfiltered and unpasteurised. It is also Certified Organic.

• Unfiltered
• Unpasteurised
• Unheated
• Unblended
• Unmixed
• Unprocessed

• Mountain Honey
• Cold Extracted
• Natural Enzymes
• Single Source
• Beneficial for health
• Ethically Sourced

Recommended Use
Take 2 teaspoons of VitalForce on its own or mixed with your favourite drink for general health, before a demanding mental or physical activity, or as an energy booster at any time.

Raw & Organic
This honey is 100% Raw and is Certified Organic by strict EU standards and has been fully tested to match high quality control criteria. This ensures you get the best honey this world has to offer!

Cold Extracted & Unfiltered
Our unique cold extraction method retains all the natural enzymes and goodness in raw honey. This honey is unfiltered. We Cold Extract the honey and let it sit. Large chunks of beeswax and other parts sink to the bottom. We leave this at the bottom and scoop the rest of the honey out. Literally Unfiltered.

Crystallisation – A Natural Process
All Raw honey may crystallise over time and gradually become solid. This is a natural process and does not affect the quality or properties of honey in any way. Many people enjoy honey either way, liquid or crystallised. Both are delicious. If you wish, To decrystallise and make liquid again, place the jar in warm water not above 39 C (102.2 F). Rate of crystallisation can vary wildly from one honey type to another, and even within the same batch. Since we refuse to heat our raw honey, crystallisation is out of our control.

Environmentally Friendly, Sustainability, Recyclability
Honey that is both Raw and Organic is truly as good as it gets. This is the best honey this world has to offer. Our honey is also unblended, unmixed and is always from a single source. We use sustainable and eco-friendly methods of cold extraction ensuring the bees and the environment are well cared for and respected. We use environmentally friendly and infinitely recyclable glass jars, not plastic, to ensure the taste of honey is not affected in any way.