Treating the root causes of illness to help you stop or reverse disease and reduce dependency on drugs.

Health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Dr Sheikh helps you to restore this balance.

Treating you holistically

Dr Sheikh takes his time to get to know you holistically: your lifestyle, diet, relationships, symptoms and stress levels.

Why it matters?

Since Mind, Body & Spirit are interlinked, it's essential to see the whole picture in order to identify and eliminate the root causes of illness.

Living in Sydney, I became Dr Sheikh's client over the phone. He analyzed every aspect of my symptoms and designed a personalized heath plan to eliminate root causes. I loved the weekly monitoring, until I felt full of energy and vibrant again.




You can book a telephone or in-person appointment in Central or West London.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

With Simple Lifestyle Changes, 80% of Heart Disease and Stroke, 80% of type 2 Diabetes and 40% of Cancer can be prevented, delayed or alleviated - The Center for Disease Control & Prevention.

The presence of toxic metals such as lead, nickel and mercury have been linked to cancer, diabetes, tiredness, back ache, joint & muscle pain, unexplained weight-gain, infertility, stress, stroke and heart disease. It's your nutritionist's job to detect and eliminate heavy-metals from your body.

What makes Dr Sheikh's Program so effective

Dr Sheikh uses restorative tonics, handpicked herbs and raw mountain honey from the Himalayas, Rhodopi Mountains and elsewhere. The combined effect is that you lose visceral fat around the liver, reproductive organs, pancreas, stomach and kidneys. You experience weight-loss, improved blood flow and energy, detox your body and pack-in more than 85 anti-aging minerals.

When you lose weight.....when your blood-flow improves.....when you adapt a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritional food, you experience a zest for life and a surge in energy..

Natural and herbal health tips

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