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Ayurvedic Shilajit

Raw Milk - The way it's meant to be

Raw milk should simply be called "milk." What we get in the supermarkets is essentially processed milk. Raw milk is unpasteurised, unhomogenised and contains live enzymes benefical for the gut flora. Find out more about this key to health.

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Kefir - Nature's Probiotic

Used for thousands of years, Kefir Grains are one of the most powerful probiotics out there, and you can make it in your home. A fermented beverage, packed with beneficial bacteria and live enzymes, this is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Here we explain how it can be made and where to buy the best.

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Shilajit - Ancient Ayurvedic Remedy

With over 85+ minerals, this is one of nature's gifts to mankind. 

It is an incredibly rare and Ancient substance well known and used throughout the ages. It is a tar-like sticky black rock found deep in the Himalayas. Amongst several uses, it is known for its remarkable anti-ageing properties, bone health, energy, aches & pains and more.

I personally collect the best quality possible direct from the Himalayas.

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