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Hair Analysis - find out the root cause of your illness

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Not just another low standard and cheap lab

There are so many low grade hair testing labs around, offering Hair Analysis for as little as £25, including postage. We are not one of them. In fact we are not a lab. Dr Sheikh is a Cornell University Certified Nutritionist with a professional relationship with legitimate labs in the US, such as the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic due to his alumni connections.

Genuine labs may take 3 to 6 weeks

Many cheap labs in the UK are offering test results within 24 to 48 hours. We cannot understand this, because genuine labs have much longer wait times and cost more. Do the research. 

Confidential data - no fancy graphics

Our labs do not prepare any fancy graphics either, just confidential raw data which a qualified nutritionist can interpret, similar to a radiologist interpreting an X-Ray film.

The test results are confidentially shared between Dr Sheikh and the Lab, which are then scientifically validated against best industry practices and health markers.

Unreliable food allergy tests

Also, it should be noted that the labs offering 100s of food allergy tests are not based on science. We offer no such tests.

Our tests

What we do offer is hair analysis tests that show mineral imbalances and the presence of any toxic heavy metals.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Using the hair analysis report, our qualified nutritionists prepare a Personalised Nutrition Plan to suit your lifestyle, age, gender and other health factors such as any medication you might be currently on, family history, levels of stress and so on. 

What does a Personalised Plan include?

Imagine, you are suffering from the lack of energy, insomnia and muscle cramps. In light with the hair test results received, your nutritionist may point to a magnesium deficiency or magnesium-potassium imbalance.

If a toxic heavy metal such as cadmium, mercury or nickel is detected, then your Nutrition Plan will likely include homemade recipes to help restore the magnesium-potassium balance and a chelation therapy to help rid your body of the toxic heavy metals found.

30-day monitoring and free plan adjustment

As our client, you are entitled to 2 assessment calls or emails in 30 days so that your dedicated nutritionist may update the plan as needed.

How to send hair samples for analysis?

You will receive an email when you purchase the test giving full details of how to cut your hair and where to dispatch the samples. We dispatch the samples to the lab via a courier within one working day of receiving your samples.

How long before the test results are available?

It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks before we receive the lab in the US emails us the results. Please note that if the US labs have longer wait times, we may switch to an equally reputable lab elsewhere, such as the UK or Germany.

What you will receive and when

A nutritionist will interpret the lab test results within 3 to 5 working days of receiving the results from the test lab.

They will arrange a Zoom or WhatsApp meeting with you to 'read' the test results in line with your lifestyle, diet, any medication you might currently be on, levels of stress, sleep patterns, family history and other risk factors.

You will not receive the raw test results data or fancy graphs, but rather a Personalised Nutrition Plan by email.

100% money back guarantee

You may receive 100% money back provided that we have not incurred the courier charges. The charges vary, but for the sake of refunds we have standardised them to GBP 25 to keep it simple.