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DrSheikh Ayurvedic & Sun Dried Shilajit 10g & 20g - Rarest Shilajit, Max Ionic Value, Highest Potency. UK LAB TESTED (Independent 3rd Party)

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DrSheikh's Ayurvedic & Sun-Dried Shilajit
Rarest Shilajit, Max Ionic Value, Highest Potency. UK LAB TESTED.
10g (50 Servings). 20g (100 Servings). Free 15 minutes phone consultation with a qualified nutritionist is included with this purchase.

  • Maximum Ionic Mineral Absorption: Rarest & Most Potent Form of Shilajit. Powerful Phytocomplex Fulvic Acid. Premium Gold Grade.
  • Sun-Dried Ayurvedic Processing: Ayurvedically processed, slowly sundried at source, this rarest form of Shilajit found in formidable mountain heights retains the maximum mineral, phytocomplex and fulvic acid values. Using the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of Shudh purification, Triphala Concoction is used to balance all 3-Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), enhancing health benefits - 100% Vegan.
  • UK Lab Tested: Our Shilajit has been certified and tested in the UK by an independent 3rd Party ISO 17025 certified laboratory for Purity & Safety.
  • DrSheikh’s Authentic Shilajit: DrSheikh’s Shilajit and all our wellness products are lovingly hand-crafted and produced in small batches
  • Cold-Pressed & Plant Based: 100% Vegan, Gluten-free, GMO-free, Dairy-free, Ethically Sourced, 85+ Minerals.

About DrSheikh's Ayurvedic & Sun-Dried Shilajit
DrSheikh’s 100% Natural Shilajit is hand-crafted in small batches sourced at high altitudes between 16,000 - 18,000 ft in the Himalayan Range, where the environment is unspoilt and free from pollutants and chemicals.

High in the Himalayas and high mountain ranges, organic matter transforms over the millennia into a mineral rich resin. This resin buried deep in the mountains drips very slowly, one drop a time and turns into a black tar looking rock. This rock hardens, preserving its full natural vitamin, mineral and enzyme content.

It can only be hand collected at extreme elevations and terrain. Natural glacier water is then added to the rock to release its minerals. This is then purified to make DrSheikh’s highest grade 100% pure Shilajit resin.

Cold Pressed and Plant Based
Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Gluten-free, GMO-free.

Natural Filtration
Only natural filtration has been applied to keep all the enzymes and minerals intact

Safe & Pure
UK Lab Tested for Safety & Purity.

How To Use
Mix pea-sized amount (0.2g) in warm milk, water or juice. Take in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime if needed. Can be used for life.

100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit Resin. Naturally Organic. Responsibly sourced.